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Our Facility

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A little about the lodge itself

  • LOCATION-The lodge is located at 27386 Jess Harry Road.  We are about 7 miles east out of Grand Rapids, MN located on 30 abundant acres. 

  • ACCOMMODATIONS-  The lodge was built to accommodate dogs of all sizes. We have 12 suites (4x5) that have in/out dog doors where they can be let in & out as needed.  In a separate area, there will be 6 additional suites (4x4) that are more comfortable for smaller/med size dogs. 

  • OUR DOG SUITES-We carefully selected "Mason Kennel Company" for our suites.  Why is Mason the best?  All the suites are separated by FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) panels.  This reduces visual stress and reduces the possible spread of disease through nose-to-nose contact.  Mason company also provided us with the patented "Silvis Seal" which provides a seal barrier that aids in the optimum choice for preventing cross-contamination between the suites.  We also decided to go with tempered glass doors for the front the suites.  We felt this option made it feel like less of a kennel and more like home.  Each suite your fur-baby will have the ability to watch Animal Planet from the television that will be on the main wall.  Lastly, we chose to have our bowls installed in our glass doors.  This will help from water being spilt on the ground and so many dogs like to eat when they are ready.  Having the bowls installed in the door will prevent them also from spilling their dog food.  Your loved one will enjoy our spacious outdoor potty runs and play outside several times a day.  

  • OWNERS LIVE ON SITE- We will give your furry member of the family the same love that they would expect their fur babies to be given.  It is our personal goal to make your pet as comfortable as possible and to have a stress free environment at all times.  

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We can let your dog out with other well socialized dogs or out solo.  Dogs that are let out solo will get plenty of exercise as well

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