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What to Bring

Beds:  Feel free to bring your own washable bedding- However we do provide raised dog beds.

Blanket:  You may bring a machine washable blanket. If the blanket gets soiled for some reason- we will do our best to get it washed before pick-up-it will all depend on timing.

Toys: Please bring toys that are not a choking hazard

Treats: No Rawhides

Food:  We feel it is best for you to bring your dog’s own food from home.   When you keep them on their normal diet they will be less likely to have digestive problems.  If you are providing food for your dog, please bring it in a hard sided container, clearly labeled with your dog’s name and feeding instructions.  In the event that you forget your dog’s food we will provide our own dog food for your companion for $3 per day~per dog

Medications:  We will not board a dog that requires any immunizations but any  other medications please bring and we will administer at no extra cost. Please have the meds pre-portioned with each feeding.  

Leashes & Collars:  When arriving to the lodge please keep your loved one on a leash.  You may leave your collar & leash during his/her stay.  No choke collars

Additionally:  Please bring anything that you think would make their stay more comfortable. 

Don't forget to mail or e-mail your pets vaccinations before arrival!

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