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$40.00 per day (plus tax) per dog (Prices are subject to change without notice)

NOTE: 3 dogs or more we require a 50% deposit. 

$80.00 per day (plus tax)  if female is IN HEAT or comes into heat while here  (prices are subject to change without notice)

 Itasca Dog Lodge is operated like a hotel.  You are charged for the day your pet arrives, regardless of the check-in time.  There is no charge for the day of departure, provided your pet is checked-out prior to 10:30 a.m.  Sunday pick-up/drop off is only open from 4-6pm so you would be charged for that full day.  Currently weekends are in high demand & we are requiring dogs to stay Fri-Sun.  We understand this may not work for you and your family and feel free to check with us and if it is not a full weekend we may be able to accommodate.   

If our hours do not work for you- we can see if we can set up an appointment to fit your schedule

Weekends we are not able to accommodate alternate hours unless it is an emergency.  


  • Your dog stayed Fri, Sat, and is being picked up on Sun at 5 pm~you will be charged 3 days x$40=$120 (plus tax)

  • Your dog stayed Wed,Thur, and is being picked up Fri between 8:30am & 10:30am~you will be charged 2 days x $40=$80 (plus tax)

  • It’s Monday you drop your dog off at 8:30 am and leave your dog for the day and pick up that same day at 8 pm- Rate charged is the $40(plus tax)

Additional Service

Dog Walking $8.00 per walk (plus tax) per dog

Weather and time Pending - There will be minimal slots available each day for a dog walk around our 30 acre property.  Walks could be from 15-30 minutes depending on dog pace.  Many pet owners find it extremely valuable for their dog to have alone time away from other dogs.


 We feel it is best for you to bring your dog’s own food from home.   When you keep them on their normal diet they will be less likely to have digestive problems.  In the event that you forget your food we will provide with our own food and the cost is an additional $3.00 per day~ per dog.


We will not charge extra for giving your dog meds.  However please pre-portion each meal with the meds in it if your dog requires 2 or more meds per day.  Mark the day with a.m. & p.m. on each feeding with the meds included- thanks.


2 or more dogs within the same family will receive a 10% off discount only if they share a suite-  please let us know.

3 or more dogs within the same family will receive a 20% off discount 

only if they share the same suite- please let us know. 

We require a 50% deposit.

10 or more night stays you will receive a  10% off discount 



When you reserve your loved ones space at the lodge then those are the dates you are responsible to pay for.  We must have a 72 hour  cancellation notice in order not to be charged for days booked.  This is for one or two dogs.


For a reservation of 3 or more dogs we require a 50% deposit.  If you cancel 10 days or more before your reservation you will receive the refund back.   10 days or less before your reservation will be non-refundable.  



Cash, Check, or Credit Cards (credit company charges a 3 1/2 processing fee to the customer) 

(Please come at least 15 minutes prior to closing to allow enough time to get your dog checked in.  Please call or text Jacob or Tiffiney when you are on your way. (why call or text before you come even during open hours?  1) Sometimes our kids are outside playing & we want to make sure they are out of harms way. 2) We often have dogs in the lobby and do not want them to get out of the front door or have a altercation with your dog.  Please walk your dog prior to admitting.  Nerves and anxiety sometimes happen and usually triggers accidents in the lobby.  We will have doggie bags available for you to pick up their poop outside to keep the outside clean and comfortable for everyone.) Thank You So Much!



While your pet will still be receiving, optimum care during the listed holidays pick up and drop off is closed for the following holidays: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July

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