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                               TOP 5 Tips for bringing your dog to Itasca Dog Lodge

1) All dogs must be up-to-date with rabies, distemper, and bordetella (1st time giving the immunization it must be given 14days minimum before coming- if it is their booster 7 days min)


2) Plan ahead!! We give QUALITY CARE not QUANITY Care 😊 Our books are filling fast!


3) Go to to RSVP


4) Tell your fur baby how much fun they are going to have at dog camp!


5) SUGGESTION: To reduce the impact of spreading germs at our facility........ Please make your vet & grooming appointment two weeks before you bring your fur baby here or schedule after you leave here. This goes for dog shows, dog parks, and training classes as well. Although all dogs here are up-to-date with required immunizations... other germs can spread. Please help keep all the dogs healthy & happy by following these suggestions

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